>> Welcome to my personal site, here you can find my portfolio, resume and contact information.

>> I am currently focusing on personal data science projects that will be updated regularly as I analyze .

>> If you have a project I may be interested in, feel free to contact me @ +44 7413535033 or e-mail me at

>> Regards, Alexis Drakopoulos.

To learn more about me you can download my current CV, check out my CV page, and browse my blog/projects.


>> Analysis of Powerlifting Meet Dataset

Analysis on performance, effects of age, weight, equipment, gender and more. Potentially interesting not only for powerlifters but also comparisons to the normal population. Using R and a raw csv, I import, clean and analyze data to find insights and trends.

>> Linear Multistep Methods with R

Introduction and tests using Linear Multistep Methods with R, such as AB4. This was for a University Numerical Analysis 3rd year project.


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Powerlifting Analysis

Analysis of a large dataset of competitive lifters reveals interesting data on the effects of age, gender, weight and equipment.

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Custom External M2 SSD

Prebuilt vs Custom? USB3.1 vs 3.0? Thermal issues? Come watch me benchmark and build a custom external SSD for my external persistent ubuntu project

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